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Kim Whitehall
Scientific Applications Software Engineer, NASA-CALTECH

Kim is a climate scientist and aspiring data scientist who currently works at NASA-CALTECH Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, U.S.A. in the Computer Science for Data Intensive Applications Group. As a climate scientist, she studies climate variability and climate change in the tropics where she stumbles on so many big data issues in her research that they pulled her out of the conventional science establishment to explore approaches to handle the data constraints. As an aspiring data scientist, she plays with various datasets and explores the open source software living at the Apache Software Foundation fun house.

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Posted on June 6, 2015 by Kim Whitehall

The inaugural Big Data Utah and Boulder/Denver Big Data Users Group (BDBDUG) Global Data Competition 2015: Collaborate to Change Climate Change officially kicks off this weekend (June 6). The competition focuses on climate analysis in 22 regions around the globe, with the mandate to facilitate global collaboration and to promote data-driven decision-making that allows others to improve research and decisions on investments, adaptive approaches, policymaking, and more.

Posted on April 2, 2015 by Kim Whitehall

The Global Data Competition 2015: Collaborate to Change Climate Change is an initiative that appeals to all walks of life through its “swarm offensive” approach to the global challenge of climate change. The “swarm offensive” approach, coined by the filmmakers of “The Coalition of The Willing” (released in 2010), refers to harnessing technologies, innovations and adaptation strategies from the collective genius of the world through open source infrastructures, thus promoting bottom-up “grassroots” efforts to tackle the climate change challenge as opposed to top-down “establishment”...

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