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Dan Woods
CEO, Evolved Media

Dan Woods is on a mission to help people find the technology they need to succeed. Dan is as an analyst, writer, and explainer. 

Dan publishes on Forbes.com and on his own site CITOResearch.com. Dan also helps vendors find the right customers using content marketing. Based on his background as a a CTO and journalist, Dan finds the magic in technology and why it matters buyers. The result is Evolved Media, a purpose-built newsroom for content marketing for B2B technology companies. 

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Posted on January 22, 2015 by Dan Woods

Information wants to be free. Open source is free. Moore’s law is making computing free. Free, Free, Free. Enough already with the free. In the real world, computing costs money. Making great products costs money. More efficient computing saves money. If you’re running a serious big data infrastructure, you must first focus on getting value, but once that’s done, you must make sure you are not bleeding money in a variety of ways. Is your cluster too big? Are you wasting storage? Do you spend too much time on admin? Are you building up technical debt? How much is downtime wasting? If you...

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