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Arun Nallusamy
Data Engineer , MapR

I'm a big data technology specialist who excels in designing, deploying, and build Hadoop clusters to meet enterprise business needs; directing high-performance teams; and improving software functionality.I help customers to explore and architect their big data use cases on MapR hadoop distribution so they can become data-driven companies.

Over 16 years in a technical lead role along with management, technical support and process administration experience within large enterprise networks and high system load IT infrastructure environments.

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Posted on March 24, 2016 by Arun Nallusamy

In a typical Hive installation with metadata in a MySQL configuration, a password is configured in a configuration file in clear text. This presents a few risks: 1) Unauthorized access could destroy/modify Hive metadata and disrupt workflows. A malicious user could alter Hive permissions or damage metadata.

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