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Anil Gadre
Senior Vice President, Product Management, MapR

Anil Gadre is the SVP of Product Management at MapR. Prior to MapR, Anil was the EVP of Product Management at Silver Spring Networks, responsible for product strategy, planning and marketing of networking and software products focused on the Smart Grid for the energy industry. Before that, Anil was with Sun Microsystems, a Fortune 200 technology leader, serving as EVP of The Application Platform Software organization and had previously been the Chief Marketing Officer leading global branding, demand creation and an extensive developer ecosystem program. At Sun Microsystems his experience covered diverse product lines ranging from networked desktop and enterprise servers systems to market leading software products such as the Solaris Operating system, Java, MySQL database and various middleware products. He has a BSEE from Stanford University, and an MM degree from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

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Posted on July 15, 2015 by Anil Gadre

You are probably all somewhere on the Spark journey to production scale—you're either at Spark Summit to learn, to start doing something with Spark, or perhaps you have mission-critical applications already running in your enterprise. On this journey, there's a lot to think about—mostly about your application—but you also need to figure out how to actually get Spark into production scale as more and more groups will want the power of the results and the value of using Spark in mission-critical, operational deployments.

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Anil Gadre

I recently joined MapR to lead the Product Management group. Since I used to consult with MapR four years ago (before the company was launched), it is natural that everyone wants to know, "What's different four years later?" The big answer is that the promise of Hadoop has turned into a reality for a wide array of situations, and the impact is really meaningful. Here are some first impressions after working at MapR for a few weeks. Note: I have to say up front that this is not meant to be a dispassionate research piece; It is just top of mind impressions.

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