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Alex Rodrigues
Data Engineer, MapR

Alex Rodrigues is Data Engineer for MapR, where he helps designing and implementing big data solutions. He has past experience in developing scalable solutions for high-traffic environments with low-latency requirements. He has worked in multiple industries such as gambling, telecom and advertisement, building recommendation systems and trading algorithms. Alex is an enthusiast of distributed systems, machine learning and reliability engineering. When not reading, he enjoys solving a few riddles, jogging, cinema and drumming.

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Posted on October 27, 2014 by Alex Rodrigues

Customer feedback is a valuable tool for every business, and one of the primary ways to get quality feedback is through surveys. However, asking customers to fill out lengthy surveys with 15+ questions will often result in a very low response rate. Most customers are not willing to take a long survey, and the ones who do often regret it after the first couple of questions.

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