Apache Open Source Software Release: August Update

The August release of the Apache open source packages in the MapR Distribution is now available for customers. The release includes updates to several packages, including Flume, Oozie, HBase, Hive and AsyncHBase.

MapR supports over 20 different open source packages providing you the flexibility to pick the right tool for the job. Additionally, MapR supports multiple versions of these packages enabling backward and forward compatibility. This means, for instance, you can upgrade core Hadoop packages without upgrading ecosystem packages or upgrade ecosystem packages without upgrading the core.

Highlights of the August release include:

  • In addition to supporting Flume 1.4, MapR adds the latest version of Flume (Flume 1.5) to the distribution. Flume 1.5’s key features include memory channel allowing you to stage your incoming events in memory with disk-spillable capabilities, HTTP API sink for Elasticsearch, and several improvements to SpoolDir.
  • Bug fixes, including for memory leak issues for AsyncHBase for HBase and M7.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of HBase (0.94.21 release). HBase 0.94.x is the most commonly deployed HBase version and MapR continues to provide the latest patched stable release to its customers. We released 0.94.17 in June and now are happy to add 0.94.21 as part of the distribution. HBase 0.98 version, released late July, is going to be supported on MapR soon – stay tuned.  
  • Oozie updates and patches to earlier versions of Hive are also part of the release.

The releases are available on: http://package.mapr.com/releases/ecosystem/  


Refer to individual release notes for more details.


Version: 1.4.1

URL: https://github.com/mapr/asynchbase

Tag: v1.4.1-mapr-1407

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/AsyncHBase+1.4.1-1407+Release+Notes



Version: 0.94.21

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hbase

Tag: 0.94.21-mapr-1407

Release note: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/HBase+0.94.21-1407+Release+Notes



Version: 0.11

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hive

Tag: 0.11-mapr-1407

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hive+0.11.0-1407+Release+Notes


Version: 0.12

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hive

Tag: 0.12-mapr-1407:

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hive+0.12.0-1407+Release+Notes



Version: 1.5.0

URL:  https://github.com/mapr/flume

Tag: 1.5.0-mapr-1407

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Flume+1.5.0-1407+Release+Notes


Version: 4.0.1
URL: https://github.com/mapr/oozie

Tag: 4.0.1-mapr-1407

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Oozie+4.0.1-1407+Release+Notes




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