Apache Open Source Project Updates for January

The January 2015 release of the Apache open source packages in MapR was made available for customers a few days ago. A number of packages including Hadoop Core, Hue, Flume, Storm, Hive, HttpFS and HBase were updated. Release highlights include:

  • Upgrade to Hadoop 2.5.1:  Interesting YARN improvements in Hadoop 2.5.1 include support for write/modify operations via the REST APIs, allowing the user to submit or kill YARN jobs through REST APIs. The timeline store within YARN is more secure now with support for Kerberos authentication. Furthermore, dynamic runtime user queue creation is now available in the Fair Scheduler.

  • Hive Updates: Several bug fixes were made on Hive 0.12 and Hive 0.13, including improvements to how Hive and Zookeeper interact. The release fixed a major Hive-Zookeeper issue by optimizing the number of Zookeeper clients created for every HiveServer2 instance.  

  • Upgrade to HBase 0.98.7: This upgrade includes several bug fixes, but more importantly, it introduces C APIs for HBase using libhbase. Libhbase is a JNI-based, thread-safe C library that implements a native HBase client. You can use libhbase to build applications that access HBase directly. The 0.98.7 release also includes other fixes such as impersonation for HBase REST gateway with MapR-DB tables.

  • Apache Storm Update: MapR now provides easy deployment and management of Apache Storm clusters by unpacking storm-core from the packages associated with different roles: storm-nimbus, storm-supervisor and storm-ui. With this change, you can decouple the deployment of these role packages as separate services that can be run on any node of your choice.

The release packages are available on:  http://package.mapr.com/releases/ecosystem/ and http://package.mapr.com/releases/ecosystem-4.x/

Please refer to our release notes for more details.  















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