Apache Drill Carries Momentum into 2015

After being promoted to a top-level project earlier this month, Apache Drill has reached yet another milestone.  Jacques Nadeau, Apache Drill PMC Chair, recently announced on the Drill blog that the community has released Drill 0.7. This release contains 228 resolved JIRAs and numerous enhancements, including more freedom - Drill will now work on EC2, since there is no more dependency on UDP/Multicast.

If you are wondering about planned initiatives for 2015, read the recent blog post, What’s Coming in 2015 for Drill? by Tomer Shiran, Apache Drill Founder, PMC Member and Committer. He provides details on six initiatives that the Drill community is currently working on in 2015, including:

  • Flexible Access Control
  • JSON in Any Shape or Form
  • Advanced SQL
  • New Data Sources
  • Drill/Spark Integration
  • Operational Enhancements: Speed, Scalability and Workload Management

Of course, given the rapidly expanding community, this list will grow as the year unfolds.

Keep up to date with Drill through the Apache Drill blog, which is updated regularly.


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