5 Warning Signs that your Database is Outdated

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A company's database is an important component of business intelligence and helps to integrate the various departments within the enterprise. For years, companies relied on databases with ETL (extract, transform, load) processing to extract, clean and integrate data into the data warehouse. As the demand for data grew, ETL tools started to experience performance issues, which moved many organisations to switch to an ELT (extract, load, transform) processor for improved scalability. Now these traditional databases have started to mature, and with new, bigger data sets emerging, they are starting to become obsolete.

Here are five warning signs that it may be time to switch to a more efficient database.

1. It can't handle your current data volume

2. It's getting too expensive to maintain

3. It doesn't process modern analytical workloads

4. It can't handle extreme workloads

5. It can't quickly retrieve archived material

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Nitin is the product marketing manager at MapR Technologies.

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