451 Group: Amazon + Google make leading enterprise Hadoop distribution the clear choice for Hadoop in the Cloud

In a new briefing, the 451 Group details MapR’s exciting past few months. MapR has continued to strive to expand our product to meet our customers needs in wherever computing environment they may have – in the cloud, on-premise or both. The Amazon and Google announcements serve to establish MapR as the emerging defacto standard for Hadoop.

In the article, Analyst Matt Aslett remarks that the "one-two punch of relationships with Amazon and Google… are significant endorsements of MapR's approach and put it in a good position to benefit from the growing adoption of Hadoop as a Service." Both of these partnerships speak to MapR’s leading enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution, which enables a flexible, dependable, and fast computing environment.

The public cloud partnerships with Amazon and Google are validation of the MapR computing advantages engineered for enterprises – wherever they may reside.

The 451 report details how the Amazon partnership came about in response to requests from Amazon EMR users for specific features, including high availability, snapshots, as well as improved performance and administration. Customers can now provision dynamically scalable MapR clusters while taking advantage of the flexibility, agility and massive scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The 451 Report also points out Google’s significant expertise “in running Hadoop and other distributed data-processing technologies but still turned to MapR in order to deliver customers an easily deployable Hadoop-as-a-service offering that delivers consistent performance.” The partnership is a resounding validation of MapR’s technology from the pioneers of MapReduce.

Whether your computing environment is on premise, in the cloud or both, MapR is the clear choice – the De Facto Standard for Hadoop has arrived in the Cloud.


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