10 Open Source Projects You Need to Know About

Open source tools make our lives easier and our products better. There are actually many more open source projects than most of us realize. One of the hardest things about launching an open source project is getting it on the map - unless it is backed by a commercial company it goes unnoticed. We all know Linux and Hadoop for example, but we aren't so familiar with the smaller projects do much of the work to make the big project look good.

These unsung heros often go under the radar, so here are 10 open source projects that my collegues and I think you should know about.
1. Netty
2. Hazelcast
4. Apache Zookeeper & Curator
5. Janino
6. CodeModel
7. Metrics
8. Caliper
9. Carrot HPPC
10. Parquet

Click to learn more about each project. here. If you think we have left something off the list, please leave a comment.

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