Ideata Analytics

Ideata's unified big data intelligence platform help businesses connect to variety of datasources, perform data wrangling, predictive modelling and visualization using an intuitive interface.


App Overview

Ideata Analytics makes it easy to connect, combine and analyze data from private big data, streaming, web & premium data sources to derive actionable insights. Using visual data integration and transformation capabilities, business can bring in a wide range of information and merge them on the fly. It provides out-of-the-box connectors to commonly used vendor data platforms. The platform is optimized to perform calculations and transformations on streaming data in real time. There are numerous powerful and flexible analytical functions and applications available in the product.

Key features:

  • Built for Big Data

  • Harmonize internal & External Data

  • Prepackaged Analytical Apps

  • Extensive Auto Data Preparation

  • Simplistic UI

  • Fast and scalable advance analytics including various Machine Learning algorithms

  • Support Information: 

    Ideata Analytics customers can register their issues at our support portal

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