Axibase Time Series Database

ATSD is a statistics database built on top of HBase that includes metric storage, analytical rule engine, alerting, forecasting and visualization.


App Overview

Axibase Time-Series Database (ATSD) is a next-generation statistics database. ATSD is for companies that need to extract value from large amounts of time-series data which exists in their IT and operational infrastructure.

ATSD combines database, rule engine, visualization and data forecasting in one product.

Key features of ATSD:

  • Collects metrics from any asset, system, or sensor via industry-standard protocols.
  • Includes ad-hoc and scheduled reporting capabilities, personal and group dashboards.
  • Applies aggregate functions and filters on streaming data.
  • Next generation charts for graphing high-frequency data.
  • Real-time infographics for data-driven visualizations.
  • Extensive data analytics and data forecasting features.

ATSD has built-in autoregressive time-series extrapolation algorithms (Holt-Winters, ARIMA, etc.) that can predict system failures and abnormal developments at early stages. The data analytics and forecasting functionalities make ATSD a great product for IT system performance monitoring and monitoring of OPC environments, enabling predictive maintenance and capacity planning.

Support Information:
Axibase provides customers with extensive support through a professional customer support team.

For ATSD support, email us at:

One-on-one training sessions can be provided to help customers take full advantage of ATSD's extensive features.

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