Acelero is a software solution with the following characteristics:

  • Accelerating MapReduce processing(1.5x-2x)
  • Plug and play
  • Transparent to user's application
  • Improve ROI via either CAPEX or OPEX reduction


App Overview

Avlino’s Acelero software is a plugin accelerator module for MapReduce jobs. Acelero is specified through Hadoop configuration parameters, and the plugin interacts with Hadoop's existing interfaces.

Acelero optimizes computation infrastructure, and it's suitable for applications running on both on-premise and on-cloud, it's compatible with all major Hadoop distributions.

Support Information: 

Issue Acknowledgement: when customer emails a support issue, a trouble ticket will be issued within 1 hour

First level of support: Customer will get a solution within 12 hours after the trouble ticket is issued.

Second level of support: Should the problem be not resolved, a dedicated resource will be allocated within 48 hours.

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