Code and Resources

To help you get started running an application on the MapR Converged Data Platform, we are providing an example application based on a financial services use case, which streams data from the stock market and routes bid and ask data to consumers. This application provides a starting code base from which you can design you own streaming application. Ready to try it?

You can install the free MapR Converged Community Edition (including the sandbox VM) or use the MapR Converged Enterprise Edition as a platform for running the blueprint.

Get started with the Community Edition installation by going to, or you can run the example on a single-node VM instance which can be downloaded at

To start exploring the example application, download the code from GitHub and follow the instructions posted in the README.

Additional resources, covering other industry verticals, MapR APIs and sample use cases, appear below.

Streaming Application Examples

Examples Tutorial Code
Industry: Telecommunications
Producing and Consuming a Telcom Data Stream
Industry: Financial/Retail
Credit Card Fraud Detection Analysis
Industry: IoT
Real-Time Streaming Data Pipelines
Industry: All
Getting Started with MapR Streams

Operations and Analytics

Examples Tutorial Code
Industry: Retail and Customer 360
Real-time User Profiles with Spark, Drill and MapR-DB
Industry: All
How to Build Applications on a NoSQL Document Database and Perform Analytics in Place
Industry: All
Python Examples for MapR-DB
Industry: All
JSON Importer example code for MapR-DB.

Interactive SQL

Examples Tutorial Code
Industry: All
Apache Drill in 10 Minutes
Industry: All
Using Drill Programmatically from Python, R and Perl
Industry: All
Build a Simple REST Client with Drill
Industry: All
Resolving JSON Schema Changes with Drill and Python
Industry: Enterprise IT
Querying JSON files from Tableau Desktop with Drill

Operations and Analytics

Examples Tutorial Code
Industry: Financial Services
Predicting Future Credit Risk
Industry: Oil and Gas
Predict Future Oil Prices
Social Media
Facebook analysis with Spark GraphFrames
Hospitality and Real Estate
Predicting Airbnb Listing Prices