M5 Enterprise Edition

MapR M5 is a complete distribution for Apache Hadoop that combines more than a dozen Apache projects on a powerful platform that provides enterprise-grade reliability and unprecedented Hadoop performance and management capabilities.

M5 is the only Hadoop distribution trusted to store and process fully-protected data, serving as a system of record for leading organizations. M5 powers Hadoop applications that meet stringent high availability SLAs even under disaster recovery conditions.

M5 enables Hadoop as enterprise storage allowing for standard NFS access that provides high-speed data ingests, standard application and tool access as well as legacy application access.

M5 comes with an advanced management and monitoring system that uniquely provides volume-based management and hardware-level monitoring along with alerts, alarms and granular diagnostic tools.


Support for Business-Critical Applications

MapR is the only distribution that is built for business-critical needs. MapR is architected to provide 99.999% high availability, consistent point-in-time recovery of data as well as disaster recovery. MapR has built redundancy at every layer of Hadoop including protection from node failures, MapReduce failures as well as data access point failures.

Hadoop as System of Record

M5 provides consistent point-in-time recovery of data that protects from user and application errors. This allows you to use Hadoop as a trusted system of record. M5 Snapshots are efficient in not increasing your storage burden and can be set up at different frequencies for different data protection needs.
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Meet Recovery Time Objectives on Hadoop

Enable disaster recovery and meet your SLAs with M5’s mirroring feature. Mirroring allows you to replicate data efficiently across clusters enabling data sharing between production sites, production and research environments or between on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Read-Write NFS Access

Mount your cluster using NFS to access Hadoop as network attached storage. Allow applications to directly stream data and perform read-write operations on Hadoop while users continue to use standard browsers, enterprise tools and Linux commands to access and work with data.
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Advanced Management and Monitoring Console

MapR Control System (MCS) provides state-of-the-art capabilities to manage and monitor all cluster operations including hardware monitoring. Use over 75 different metrics to optimize resource utilization and job progress. Setup alerts and alarms to manage the cluster in a lights out data center. Leverage a volume-based management model to segregate users and applications with different security privileges and/or resource usage patterns.


Allow users or applications running different jobs to share the cluster securely and efficiently. Unlike other distributions, MapR provides easy-to-implement, native security to prevent unauthorized access and provides storage, CPU and memory quotas, along with data and job placement control to manage the cluster efficiently amongst the users.

World-Record Performance

MapR holds the MinuteSort and TeraSort performance world records that translate to significantly less hardware footprint to run Hadoop providing you with the best return on investment.

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