M3 Standard Edition

MapR M3 is the standard edition of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, available for free download and unlimited production use. Like other editions of MapR, it is a complete distribution for Hadoop that combines more than a dozen Apache projects along with MapR Distribution’s advanced cluster management console.

M3 provides a subset of the M5 features to enable new users to get started with Hadoop in a fast and secure manner. M3 provides direct data ingestion via NFS, obviating the need for building separate clusters just for data ingestion and allowing existing applications, libraries and tools to work on Hadoop. M3 also supports MapR Distribution's volume-based data and user management to provide a secure multi-tenant environment for different users to use Hadoop on the same cluster.

M3 also comes with a free, yet advanced management and monitoring console that provides cluster heat-map, alerts, alarms and scores of granular job and task diagnostic tools.


Instant, Intuitive Insight from MapR HeatMap

MapR Distribution’s unique control system provides complete access and power tools to help you understand and operate your cluster with ease. Intuitive views into the most critical issues are automatically provided along with tools to allow provisioning a single node or thousands.

Read-Write NFS Access

Mount your cluster using NFS to access Hadoop as network attached storage. Allow applications to directly stream data and perform read-write operations on Hadoop while users continue to use standard browsers, enterprise tools and Linux commands to access and work with data.
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Provision Jobs, Users and Groups 
and Do Capacity Planning

MapR is the first distribution to implement storage volumes. This concept coupled with the ability to provision around users and groups simplifies management. We even integrated NIS and LDAP. The key to provisioning is the ability to set and track quotas and usage. This helps you do capacity planning for the future, while automated advisory alerts draw your attention to potential problem areas.